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Even prior to our website release the Smoke style vest has become a very popular vest. The Smoke style vest is a very modern, trendy asymmetrical design that still meets all the basic requirements of a great functional clay target shooting vest. The Smoke vest allows for a three colour combination effect. Designed for fine to warm weather shooting with plenty of mesh surface area to help maintain your cool in the warmest of temperatures. Without leather options this is a great easy to care for vest.

  • Available in Left and Right hand models.
  • Full mesh construction using quality 180gsm poly mesh.
  • All solid fabric using Polyester Rayon, “American Drill” fabric.

PRICES: For standard specification Statesman vests.
2XS - 3XL $142.00
4XL - 5XL $157.00
6XL - 7XL $177.00


  • Drill fabric gun mount pad, quilted and lightly padded with Contour pattern. Drill fabric colour to match main colour of Smoke style vest.
  • Cargo Pockets. Two integrated, large single cargo pockets for all your cartridge needs, holds much more than a packet of 25 in each pocket. Double pleated to create added volume and ease of use. Contrasting coloured pocket wear panel.
  •  Integrated American drill fabric shoulder patches provide added strength to shoulder seams.
  • Quality YKK zip
  •  Badge pocket to upper vest, off hand side with contrasting drill fabric pocket trim.
  • Internal pocket located inside vest behind off hand cargo pocket, for keys and phone.                                


  • Two layers of American Drill fabric to yoke panel for improved strength fit and comfort.
  • Integrated American drill fabric shoulder patches provide added strength to shoulder seams.
  • Full one piece Polymesh back panel.
  • Integrated rear waist band with adjustable side tabs assists in distributing weight from the shoulders.

    2 x Loop attachment points for hand towel and ear protection on Left and Right sides.


Chest or Bust: Size is half Girth.   Example girth (circumference) 120 cm, div 2 = 60 cm, = size XL

2XSmall-48cm - 18 ¾”
XSSmall-50cm – 19 ½"
Small-52cm – 20 ¼”
Medium-54cm – 21 ¼”
Large-56cm – 22”
Xlarge-60cm – 23 ½”
2XLarge-64cm – 25”
3XLarge-68cm – 26 ¾”
4XLarge-72cm – 28 ¼”
5XLarge-76cm – 29 ¾”
6XLarge-80cm – 31 ½”
7XLarge-84cm – 33”

Length: is measured   at front of body from intersection of neck and shoulder of vest to bottom of vest. Bottom of cargo pockets approximately 2cm up from bottom of vest

76cm – 29 ¾”

78cm – 30 ½”

80cm – 31 ½”

82cm – 32 ½”

84cm – 33”

86cm – 33 ¾”

87cm – 34 ¼”

87cm – 34 ¼”

88cm – 34 ½”

88cm – 34 ½”

89cm – 35”

90cm – 35 ¼”

Ladies Waist: Half girth 2cm smaller than Bust

46cm – 18”

48cm - 18 ¾”

50cm – 19 ½"

52cm – 20 ½”

54cm – 21 ¼”

58cm – 22 ¾”

62cm – 24 ¼”

66cm – 26”

70cm – 27 ½”

74cm – 29”

78cm – 30 ¾”

82cm – 32 ¼”



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Smoke Order Form 2015.pdf (178.02KB)

OPTIONS: Prices are indicative and subject to change. Options will be confirmed by quote prior to commencement of production.

*     Custom size and styling change.                                                                      $55.00               

Link to Best custom order forms

 *     Length of vest change only.
(reducing or increasing length of standard size vest)                                         $15.00

*     Delete remove pockets or trim items.                                                             $0.00   

*     Contrasting coloured feature stitching. Full vest.                                        $25.00


Polymesh Fabric = Mesh type fabric “Polyester Mesh” From standard colour range list.        
  Link to available fabrics & colour selection

*     Premium Polymesh colour range from premium colour range list.              $5.00

*     Custom colour dyed Polymesh                                                                                                             
lead time required, one off cost for multiple vests)                                                 POA

*     Substitute Polymesh for Drill fabric.                                                                      $5.00

Drill Fabric = Solid effect fabric “American Drill” polyester rayon.
From standard colour range list.                                                                                                                                                           
 Link to available fabrics & colour selection

*     Premium American drill colour range from premium colour range list.              $5.00

Piping = Trimming material to zip line, bottom hem, side hems around neckline and armholes.     Standard is drill fabric Black

*     Coloured drill fabric (change from black drill fabric to coloured drill fabric)      $15.00

*     Black leather piping. (change from black drill fabric to black leather)                $48.50

*     Coloured leather piping. (change from drill fabric to coloured leather, subject to colour availability)                                                                                                                            $89.00                           

Feature Coloured Trim = Coloured bands or strips to top edge of pockets, bottom of yoke and waist band. Not standard on Statesman style vest.

*     Contrasting coloured drill fabric trim to selected locations.                                     $25.00


Leather Trim = Top edge of badge and cargo pockets, wear trim panel to pocket openings and backing panel to front off hand side. Standard is Black suede leather.

*     Black smooth grain leather.                                                                                           $5.00

*     Coloured smooth grain / suede leather.                                                                       $28.00

*      Premium leather. Embossed simulated crocodile or ostrich pattern, cow hide. Black, Mid Tan, Navy, Olive, Beige (subject to availability)                                                          $65.00

*     Exotic leather, Emu, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Stingray, Fish, Snake. (limited colours & subject to availability)                                                                                                             POA


Gun Mount Pad = Vest location upon where gun is mounted to shoulder extends down to the waist band, usually includes light padding and quilted stitching design. Standard is Black smooth grain leather with diamond pattern quilting.
  Link to available fabrics & colour selection

*     Coloured drill fabric gun mount pad.                                                                            $5.00

*     Coloured leather gun mount pad smooth or suede.                                                    $18.00

*     Premium leather. Embossed simulated crocodile or ostrich pattern, cow hide. Black, mid Tan, Navy, Olive, Beige (subject to availability)                                                        $22.50

*     Exotic leather: Emu, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Stingray, Fish, Snake. (limited colours & subject to  availability)                                                                                                          $155.00

*     Quilting pattern: Standard is Diamond pattern.                                                                              
Wave = Vertical wave lines, see Wave style vests.                                                                              
Linear = Vertical straight lines.                                                                                                              
Contour = Lines parallel to outer shape of the gun mount pad, see Smoke style vests.        
unray = Lines straight or curved, 
radiating from a centre point,see Blade style vests.@ $10.00

*      ShockEater® recoil pad. With vest                                                                                 $38.00


Shoulder Patches = Located on the top of the shoulder and extending onto the rear yoke. Used help protect your gun and vest from wear when carrying the gun over the shoulder. Shoulder patches also provide added reinforcing to shoulder seams.                                   Standard is Black suede leather.

*     Black smooth grain leather shoulder patches.                                                               $0.00

*     Coloured smooth grain or suede leather shoulder patches.                                        $8.00

*     Premium leather. Embossed simulated crocodile or ostrich pattern, cow hide. Black, Mid Tan, Navy, Olive, Beige (subject to availability)                                                              $18.50

*     Exotic leather: Emu, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Stingray, Fish, Snake. (limited colours & subject to availability)                                                                                                              $53.00


Badge /Chest Pockets = Small pocket located at chest height on the offhand side of the vest. A good location for name and club/team embroidery. Standard is matching drill fabric with black suede leather trim to top edge.

*     Delete                                                                                                                                      $0.00

Choke Pockets = 2 small tube like pockets usually located above the badge pocket. Generally used for holding choke tubes or special spare cartridges. Standard is matching drill fabric.

*     Delete                                                                                                                                       $0.00

Glasses Pocket = Pocket suitable for holding shooting glasses. Located below badge pocket, inc Velcro closure. Standard is matching drill fabric.

*     Delete                                                                                                                                       $0.00


Front Cargo Pockets = Large pockets left & right lower front of vest for holding 25 or more live cartridges. Standard 2 x single pockets with suede leather pocket trim.

*     2 x double pockets                                                                                                                $15.00


Rear Empties Pocket = Large pocket for discharged cartridges located rear of vest below waist band. Standard is matching coloured drill fabric.

*     Delete Empties pocket.                                                                                                        $0.00 

*     Matching coloured polymesh with drill fabric trim to opening edges  of pocket.     $0.00

*     Zip to bottom width of Empties Pocket.                                                                             $7.00


Water bottle holder = Made from polymesh fabric attached to rear waistband on offhand side. Not a standard component.

*     Add water bottle holder.                                                                                                      $7.00



*     Name text embroidered to pocket edge trim of front badge pocket.                             $7.00

*     Sporting - Field & Game, gun mount line 250mm down from shoulder.                        $5.00

*     Name text embroidered to rear yoke.                                                                               $12.00

*     Name text embroidered to rear waist band.                                                                    $12.00

*     Art work and embroidery program for club, team, logo, graphics or crest  for embroidery or patches.                                                                                                                POA                       

*     Club, team, crest, logo or graphic embroidered to front badge pocket.                    $15.00

*     Large club, team, crest, logo or graphic embroidered badge / patch to vest rear above waist band.                                                                                                                                 POA


Washing Instructions: for Standard specification (no leather)

(When new) Dry Clean or Wash separately.

Hand wash or Gentle machine wash

Wash in cool water with mild soap ie. wool wash (not detergent). Rinse thoroughly

Dry flat in shaded location. (Do not place in clothes dryer)

Iron on Polyester setting (Do not iron Leather

Washing Instructions: with Leather options.

(When new) Dry Clean or Wash separately.

Gentle or Hand Wash

Wash in cool water with mild soap ie. wool wash

Dry flat in shaded location. (Do not place in clothes dryer)

Iron on Polyester setting (Do not iron Leather)

Smoke style vests available for immediate shipping are listed on our store. (not detergent). Rinse thoroughly