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Best Two piece gun socks ideal for cased, break down shotguns.

These socks are made from Acrylic yarn and are great for that added protection from scuffs, scratches, bumps and case rubbing.

Butt stock sock will suit most actions and stock with a length of pull of 15 1/2" 39 cm. Velcro tab closure.

Barrel socks come in two sizes Med, suits up to 30" 76cm barrels and Long suits up to 32" 81cm Barrels. Draw cord closure.

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Best Single piece gun socks well suited for storage of long arms in transit cases and when stored in security cabinets.

Running out of room in you secured storage cabinet. Store more guns in the same space.

These socks are made form Acrylic yarn and allow for rifles and shotguns to be stored more closely with less need for concern for accidental scuffing, scratching and marking when placing and moving guns within storage cabinet.

Available in two sizes.

Med: Suits shotguns and rifles up to 44" 111cm long will accomidate most scoped situations.

Long: Suits shotguns and rifles up to 54" 137cm long will accommodate most scoped situations and long enough for most of those long barrelled muzzle loading arms for the black powder enthusiasts.

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